AKA:Οι Μυστικοί Εφτά (Greek)Os Sete (Portuguese) The Secret Seven (The Secret Seven, #1), The Secret Seven Adventure (The Secret Seven, #2), Well Done. Read "The Secret Seven Book 1" by Enid Blyton available from Rakuten Kobo. Solve the mystery with the Secret Seven - everyone's favourite detective club!. They appear in one of several juvenile detective series Blyton wrote. The Secret Seven consists of Peter (the society's leader), Janet (Peter's sister), Jack.

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Secret Seven On The Trail: Book 4 (Secret Seven series) by Enid Blyton. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. Blyton Enid Secret Seven 1 (OCW) Secret Seven Original First Edition () Five | Secret Seven | Faraway Tree | Adventure Series | Secret Series Noddy | St. Compre Shock For The Secret Seven: Book 13 (English Edition) de Enid Blyton na Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos, lançamentos e.

He heard a snuffing under the door. That must be Scamper! He knocked again, impatiently. George grinned and went in, He looked round.

It's nice and warm here," said Peter. Your button with S. I do think" There was another knock at the door. It was Pam and Barbara. There was silence in the shed. Everyone was listening for the password. The door opened, and in they went. They're late. He had forgotten the password! Oh dear, whatever could it be? He-thought of all sorts of thingsNowellWise Men -What could it be?

He felt sure it was something to do with Christmas carols. He didn't like to go to the meeting-place without knowing the password. Peter could be very strict. Jack didn't like being ticked off in front of people, and 19 he racked his brains to try and think of the word. He saw Colin away in the distance and decided to wait for him.

Colin would be sure to know the word! Jackyou thought I didn't know it! Don't tell Peter. Come on down the path. I saylook at the S. The door opened quickly and Peter's indignant face looked out. Do you want everyone in the village to know our password, you donkey? The door shut and the seven settled down. Peter and Janet took the flower-pots for themselves.

Everyone else sat on the boxes.

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I must say you and Janet have got it very comfortable," said Barbara. Everyone's eyes went to the neat little shelf behind Janet. On it were arranged seven mugs, a plate of oatmeal biscuits, and a bottle of some dark-looking liquid.

Whatever could it be? First of all," went on Peter, " we must arrange a 21 new password, because Wenceslas doesn't seem right for after Christmasbesides, Colin yelled it out at the top of his voice, so everyone probably knows it now.

I'm the head of this society, and I say we will choose a new password. Also I see that two of you are not wearing your badges. George and Colin. I hunted all over the place. My mother says she'll make me another to-night.

Yesit is rather good," said Peter. Yes, " Week-days " was a good idea for a password for the Seven! Jack looked pleased. So I'm glad I've thought of a new one for us. Now what about some grub? It was a dark purple and had little black things bobbing about in it.


This is blackcurrant tea! They set down their mugs and smacked their lips. Well, has anyone any ideas? Nobody had. If anyone hears of any good deed we can do, or of any mystery that wants solving, they must at once call a meeting of the Secret Seven.

Is that understood? I hope somebody does! It's not much fun having a Secret Society that doesn't do anything," said Colin. You never know when something might turn up. It would be fun. We could build quite an army of snowmen.

They'd look funny standing in the field by themselves. Let's do that," said Janet, who was tired of sitting still. It's been hanging in this shed for ages. They only had time to build four snowmen.

The snow was thick and soft in the field, and it was easy to roll it into big balls and use them for the snowmen. Scamper had a lovely. Janet put a cap on one of the snowmen, and Peter put the old coat round his snowy shoulders. They found stones for his eyes and nose, and a piece of wood for his mouth. They gave him a stick under his arm.

He looked the best of the lot. Mine are soakingand oooh, my hands are cold! I know they'll hurt awfully as soon as they begin to get a bit warm," said Barbara, shaking her wet hands up and down.

Opposite was an old house. It was THEY 27 empty except for one room at the bottom, where dirty curtains hung across the window. I suppose he uses the back gate. Oh, Scamperyou naughty dog, come back! The marks of his feet were clearly to be seen. He barked joyfully.

The curtains at the ground-floor window moved and a cross, wrinkled old face looked out. Then the window was thrown up. Take your dog away! I won't have children or dogs here, pestering little varmints!

He disappeared. Then a door opened at the side of the house and the old man appeared, with a big stick. He shook it at the alarmed children. But Scamper seemed to have gone completely deaf. Peter pushed open the gate and tore up the path to Scamper, afraid he would be hurt.

He came in himself! Peter marched Scamper down the drive and out of the gate. We'll really have to hurry! Jack was the first hi because he lived very close.

He rushed into the bathroom to wash his hands. Then he went to brush his hair. But it wasn't there. He frowned and went into the bathroom. He must have dropped it. He must have dropped it in the field when he was making the snowmen with the others.

She liked Susie, Jack's sister, but she thought Jack was dirty, noisy and badmannered. He wasn't really, but somehow he never did behave very well with Miss Ely. You've been to your silly Secret Society. You think I don't know anything about it. Well, I do! You ought to know better than to talk about other people's secrets in public You just hold that horrid, interfering tongue of yours.

It was" Jack kicked out hard under the table, meaning to get Susie on the shin. But most unfortunately Miss Ely's long legs were in the way. Jack's boot hit her hard on the ankle. She gave a loud cry of pain. My ankle! How dare you, Jack!

Leave the table and go without your dinner. I shall not speak another word to you all day long, if that is how you behave. Leave the room, please. He didn't dare to slam the door, though he felt like it. He wasn't cross with Susie any more.

He had caught sight of her face as he went out 32 of the room, and had seen that she was alarmed and upset. She had meant to tease him, but she hadn't meant him to lose his nice dinner.

He kicked his toes against each step as he went upstairs.

It was a pity he'd been sent out before the jam-tarts were served. He liked those so much. Blow Miss Ely! Now she certainly wouldn't make a new badge for him, and probably he would be turned out of the Society for losing it. Peter had threatened to do that to anyone who turned up more than once without a badge. I'd better go before it snows again, or I'll never find it.

You are to stay in to-day, after that extraordinary behaviour of yours at the dinner-table," she said sternly. All right! He would jolly well go out that night then, and look with his torch. Miss Ely should not stop-him from doing what he wanted to do! He went up to bed at his usual time, after saying a polite good night to Miss Ely, but he didn't get undressed.

He put on his coat and cap instead!

He wondered whether he dared go downstairs and out of the garden door yet. I don't want to be caught. She'd only go and split on me when Mother comes home. Miss Ely waited for the nine o'clock news on the wireless and then she locked up the house and came upstairs. Jack heard her shut the door of her room. Now he could go. He slipped his torch into his pocket, because it really was a very dark night.

The moon was not yet up. He crept downstairs quietly and went to the garden door. He undid it gently. The bolt gave a little squeak but that was all.

He stepped into the garden. His feet sank quietly into the snow.

He made his way to the lane and went down it to the field, flashing his little torch as he went. The snow JACK 34 glimmered up, and there was a dim whitish light all round from it. He soon came to the field where they had built the snowmen, and he climbed over the gate.

The snowmen stood silently in a group together, almost as if they were watching and waiting for him. Jack didn't altogether like it. He thought one moved, and he drew his breath in sharply. But, of course, it hadn't. If was just his imagination. Be sensible and look for your dropped button! The one with eyes and nose and mouth, with the cap and the coat on, seemed to look at him gravely as he hunted here and there. Jack turned his back on him. He had found his badge!

There lay the button in the snow, with S. He must have dropped it here after all then. He picked it up. It was wet with snow. He pinned it carefully on his coat. That really was a bit of luck to find it so easily. Now he could go home and get into bed. He was cold and sleepy. His torch suddenly flickered, and then went out.

It might 35 have lasted till I got home, really it might! Well, it's a good thing I know my way. It was coming very slowly. Jack was surprised. The lane led nowhere at all. Was the car lost? He'd better go and put the driver on the right road, if so.

Secret Seven: Mystery of the Skull

People often got lost when the roads were snow-bound. He went to the gate. The car came slowly by and then Jack saw that it was towing somethingsomething rather big. What was it? The boy strained his eyes to see. It wasn't big enough for a removal van, and yet it looked rather the shape of one. It wasn't a caravan either, because there were no wide windows at the side.

Were there any windows at all? Jack couldn't see any. Well, whatever was this curious van? Society Shed. Author of Adventure. Enid Blyton Day. Fireside Journal. Cave of Books. Interactive Island. Secret Passage. Lashings of Links. At Seaside Cottage. Secret of the Old Mill.

Secret Seven Adventure. Well Done Secret Seven. Secret Seven on the Trail. Go Ahead Secret Seven. Good Work Secret Seven. Secret Seven Win Through. Three Cheers Secret Seven.

Secret Seven Mystery. Puzzle for the Secret Seven. Secret Seven Fireworks. Good Old Secret Seven. Shock for the Secret Seven. Look Out Secret Seven. Not in Greece? Choose your country's store to see books available for download. Solve the mystery with the Secret Seven - everyone's favourite detective club! These timeless stories are perfect for young fans of mystery, adventure or detective series.

It's their first adventure and the Secret Seven super-sleuths are already on the trail of a mystery! The gang are dressed in disguise, following a lead to a spooky old house in the snow Cover and inside illustrations are by the brilliant Tony Ross, illustrator of David Walliams's books.

The story was first published in This edition features the classic text. No trademark or copyrighted material may be reproduced without the express written permission of the trademark and copyright owner.

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Cover and inside illustrations are by the brilliant Tony Ross, illustrator of David Walliams's books.